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Arch Linux Review

on Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:09 pm
Arch Linux is considered to be a hard DIY Linux distro to many people, but knowing me, you know I look at OSs diffrently, but I could also h8 (get it, hate & Win8, anyone?) it. Will Arch Linux become my daily driver, or will Arch Linux be my Arch Enemy? Let's find out. The verson is 4.0.5-1-ARCH. Let's start with the login screen, because why not? The first thing you see when you boot up Arch Linux is a prompt for a login. It is very simplistic, using only your keyboard. Once you log in, Bash or your default command line shell will start. Even though a GUI is typically easier to use, and you CAN install a window manager that runs on top of X Window System, I like the learning curve that comes with a command -line OS. Apps install by using the iconic video game charictor (well, not really) pacman. For example, to install Links, a web browser, you would use pacman -S links and it should install! The best thing about Arch Linux is that it fits in a USB drive under 4 GB! And that pretty much ends this review. Arch Linux has a big learning curve, but that is to expect from a command-line orientated OS. That under 4 GB pro is enough to make me use Arch Linux as my new daily driver as well as making my Gateway laptop work! And in the end, you just have to give the Aaron Griffin and team some credit for making a lightweight, flexible operating system. This is TheLBall, signing off.
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